26 December 2005

Open Access vs. Intelligent Design

Michael Eisen, a co-founder of the wonderful Public Library of Science project - a series of journals that make all of their content freely available - and one of the keenest exponents of open access, points out that a good way of combatting the pseudo-science of Intelligent Design is to make more of the real stuff available through open access.

The piece forms Eisen's first posting to his Open Science blog, which should be well-worth following.


Bill Hooker said...

Dr Eisen hasn't posted to his blog since January 2006 (I'm writing this at the end of Dec 2006, in case the date stamps are turned off). I'm afraid he has forgotten it!

I'm disappointed, because I was looking forward to a personal view from someone so central to OA.

Glyn Moody said...

I thought he'd been rather quiet - but not *that* quiet....

Pity, as you say. He's probably too busy with PLoS and things.