09 February 2007

The Man Who Would Not Compromise

Here's another journalist who has discovered RMS's impressive rigour when it comes to free software:

But once I notified Richard Stallman of my desire to proceed in converting and uploading also the Ogg Theora video files he wrote back:

"Yes, that is the right solution.

In the mean time, please delete the clips from YouTube. They were never supposed to be posted on YouTube."

I felt bad again, immediately. I understood the man had ideals and principles that went beyond my interest to inform and share rare to find information.


Gnuosphere said...

Clearly this journalist didn't take much time to research and understand RMS's history. In the title of the piece, he refers to Richard as an "Open Source Evangelist".

I agree that those who value freedom should not upload videos to YouTube. However, if you are a viewer who values freedom yet wants to see what has been posted, here is one option. And I encourage people to do this, convert the .flv files to a free format, and repost them elsewhere.

Glyn Moody said...

Yes, open source evangelist was bit off.