26 March 2008

Free Our Bills

One of the great unsung heroes of British democracy (such as we have left) is MySociety, which provides indispensable free services like TheyWorkForYou and WriteToThem. These have transformed the way I interact with my local MP.

And now they have a new wheeze: Free Our Bills:

Writing, discussing and voting on bills is what we employ our MPs to do. If enough MPs vote on bills they become the law, meaning you or I can get locked up if they pass a bad one.

Bills are, like, so much more important than what MPs spend on furniture.

The problem is that the way in which Bills are put out is completely incompatible with the Internet era, so nobody out there ever knows what the heck people are actually voting for or against. We need to free our Bills in order for most people to be able to understand what matters about them.

As they say:

This campaign can only succeed if normal internet users like you lend a hand. Please sign up and we'll send you easy tasks (like emailing your MP, or coming up with some ideas). Together we can improve Parliament!

So please do (well, if you're a Brit, anyway.) (Via Amused Cynicism.)

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