21 May 2008

Cornish: No Longer Clotted

As a big fan of all things Cornish - from Polzeath to Kelly's ice cream - I was delighted to read that Cornish the language has just got a big boost:

For hundreds of years a band of scholars have fought to get the Cornish language recognised and revived in Britain, but they hit upon a major stumbling block when no-one could agree on how it should be written.

Now, after more than two years of passionate negotiations, the different factions have finally streamlined the many versions of their language to create a new Standard Written Form.

The resolution means the path has been cleared for Cornish to get official acceptance and funding, with support from the EU. It will be used in education, on brochures, pamphlets and on street signs.

Cornish street signs: what bliss. (Via The Reg.)

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