06 June 2008

ACTA's Unspeakable Acts

It seems that the Mighty behind the imminent ACTA are aware that what they are up to is literally unspeakable:

I’ve recently heard through a grapevine that ACTA negotiants have reportedly signed non-disclosure agreements as a condition of their participation in this week’s secret closed-door meeting in Geneva.

This is an amazing and frightening step backwards in the history of global governance. It also epitomizes the ACTA negotiants’ dismissive attitude towards the importance of credible, transparent trade policy-making in the current global environment.

Anyone who would seek to radically transform the world’s trade in intangible assets without the participation of most of the world’s governments has learned little from the Asian Financial Crisis, the Iraq War, or the ongoing real estate and credit catastrophe.

Why isn't the mainstream media up in arms about this? Or are they too busy contemplating their own growing impotence and irrelevance? Some of us have been warning about this for six months....


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for highlighting this Glyn (subscribed!). I am also concerned at the lack of awareness of the importance of this (and related issues) within the mainstream media.

Mirroring your suggestion, I can't help but wonder the extent to which old media's attitude toward this is affected by a hope that any agreements made by ACTA will help prop up its rapidly disintegrating business model.

Glyn Moody said...

I wish I could say it was a pleasure to offer this service.... But the more of us 'umble bloggers that are aware of, and highlighting, this stuff, the more likely it is to break out into the "mainstream", simply because they begin to look silly ignoring it.

As for your analysis of the latter's attitude, do I detect a certain cynicism here...?