04 January 2009

Project Gutenberg Made Easy

In my view, Project Gutenberg doesn't get the respect it deserves. After all, this effort to make the world's literature freely available in a digital form pre-dates free software by a decade. Partly, I suspect, this is because people don't know much about the process. Here's a great hands-on intro:

Contributing my time, energy, and two books to PG was not my first excursion in UGC, but it is the first time I have allied myself with a high-profile international project. Adding content to PG requires patience, good social skills (for interacting with your proofreader), and the ability to intuit what needs to be done to get your contribution online. Here’s a journal of my recent experience. (See the sidebar Project Gutenberg’s Verions of the Steps on the right for the concise step-by-step directions for getting material into Project Gutenberg.)

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