12 June 2009

A Drowsy Numbness Pains My Sense

Here's the good news:

Hemlock is a new web development framework, focused on allowing easy development of real-time, many-to-many apps. Hemlock follows the inspiration of Ruby web frameworks like Rails and Merb. It can be used for applications such as games, workspace collaboration and education.

Open source, too. What's not to like? How about this?

By combining the scalability of XMPP with the flexibility of Flash, Hemlock allows you to create web applications that are more dynamic, interactive and exciting.

Flash??? Aaaargh - quick: pass the hemlock.


Utku Can said...

Hey Glyn,

Thanks for the interest in Hemlock!

There's no reason why you couldn't build an HTML/CSS front-end and use Flash, hidden, just for the persistent connection.

But even if that doesn't do it for you, you'll be pleased to know we are actively considering 'no-flash' implementations too.

Of course, someone interested may fork Hemlock and build a no-flash version even before we do! :-)

Glyn Moody said...

Excellent news - thanks for setting my mind at rest so speedily.

Since it was open source, I knew it *had* to be a good thing at heart...