09 December 2009

From Open Source to Open Hardware

This column mainly talks about open source software, for the simple reason that code dominates the world of openness. But open source hardware does exist, albeit in a very early, rudimentary form. Last Friday, I went along to NESTA for what was billed as an “Open Hardware Camp”. Fortunately, I didn't see any tents, since that's not really my kind of thing; what I did see was a huge amount of enthusiasm, and some interesting hints of things to come...

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rsandu2007 said...

Personally, I wasn't aware about the open hardware matter until this summer, when I've participated at the "Informatica la Castel" Free Software School in Macea (near Arad), Romania (annual event):


I was pleasantly surprised to hear that, in Romania, we have at least one professor and students group that studies and actively promotes Open Hardware.

Glyn Moody said...

@Răzvan: interesting, thanks. however, that first link doesn't work for me: is it correct?