09 August 2010

The Saga of Git: Lightning does Strike Twice

Every now and then, a shiver runs through the Linux community as people realise afresh that the entire edifice has a single point of failure: Linus Torvalds. These episodes usually manifest themselves as concerns about the scalability of said individual – whether he can continue to oversee and manage the amazing distributed development model as it grows ever bigger and more ambitious. To counter those fears it is probably worth looking at what happened as a result of the first – and by far the most frightening - “Linus does not scale” episode, not least because it led to multiple positive outcomes.

On The H Open.


Anonymous said...

hi glyn,

this is what i thought when you wrote this article, now that i have a blog i can publish it:


let me know if you agree w/ my rants.


Glyn Moody said...

What's particularly interesting about that episode is how one principledhacker - Tridge - was able to force Linus' hand, and led to the creation of Git.