21 March 2011

Finally Calling Time on Piracy FUD

One of the striking features of reports purporting to estimate the “damage” caused by piracy - both of software and content - is that without exception, as far as I can tell, their numbers and methodology simply do not withstand close scrutiny.

The trouble is, when it's a question of lone voices like mine or even that of Techdirt's Mike Masnick, probably the most dogged debunker of piracy FUD, the content industries can ignore such posts, presumably in the belief that our quick analyses somehow don't count.

But that's not possible when the same points comes from a respected organisation like the Social Science research Council, “an independent, nonprofit international organization founded in 1923”, especially when they appear in a meticulously-researched 400-page report:

On Open Enterprise blog.


PV said...

You forgot to actually link to the page, so now I can't see the full article.
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Anonymous said...

There's no link to the article.

Glyn Moody said...

@PV, @milliams - thanks, idiot that I am... Must be reading 440 pages about stupid, ineffectual piracy enforcement that did it...