29 August 2007

Blogging Open Stack Integration

One of the great but rather submerged stories in the open source world is stack integration. With the exception of the LAMP stack, free software solutions have been rather fragmented, with little inter-project coordination. One important development in this space is the creation of the Open Solutions Alliance, whose main task is ensuring better cooperation between disparate products.

I wrote about this recently, and I notice that the OSA blog is quite active at the moment. It's a good place to find out what exactly is happening in this important but neglected area.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn,
Thanks for the positive mention. Yes, the blog is a good place; we frequently write about OSA events and other relevant topics.

We also have public mailing lists that anybody can subscribe to. Here people can see the day-to-day discussions amongst the membership. (For details on how to subscribe, go to the OSA web site, click on "About OSA", then "Public Mailing Lists".)

We're also planning a monthly newsletter (starting next month); people will be able to subscribe to it on our website.

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks for the info.