07 August 2007

Patent Joke of the Month

It is, of course, hard to choose from the rather crowded field of contenders, but this one certainly takes the biscuit:

An Information and Application Distribution System (IADS) is disclosed. The IADS operates, in one embodiment, to distribute, initiate and allow interaction and communication within like-minded communities. Application distribution occurs through the transmission and receipt of an "invitation application" which contains both a message component and an executable component to enable multiple users to connect within a specific community. The application object includes functionality which allows the user's local computer to automatically set up a user interface to connect with a central controller which facilitates interaction and introduction between and among users.

A system to create an online community - including, of course, that brilliant stroke of utterly unique genius, the "invitation application": why couldn't I have thought of that? (Via TechCrunch.)

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