31 August 2007

The Other Free Software Lawyer

There seems to be some magic about free software: whenever a certain class of (intelligent) lawyer comes into contact with it, it redeems them, and turns them into enlightened benefactors. Eben Moglen is the paradigmatic case, but here's another: Mark Radcliffe. You don't have to take my word - this is what Matt has to say:

If it has to do with open source and it affects your rights therein, Mark was probably at the fulcrum.


Anonymous said...

The battle for OOXML has begun in Iceland as well where Microsoft is trying to secure a "yes". We are currently not a P member and therefore cannot wote, but due to Microsofts initiative Iceland will establish a technical committee and obtain P member status. It's to early to tell how things will turn out but the resistance from the free and open source community has been strong.

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks for the update.