01 August 2007

PLoS ONE is (the) One

PLoS ONE celebrates its first anniversary:

The initial success of PLoS ONE is something unprecedented in scientific publishing. It has been achieved because of the commitment and faith of hundreds of people: PLoS staff, editorial and advisory board members, reviewers, authors and particularly readers. And yet this is only a very small step towards an open, interactive and efficient literature that will accelerate scientific progress. Over the coming months, we will take further steps with additional functionality on the site, new publishing ventures launching and established ones taking more advantage of the opportunities afforded by the TOPAZ platform on which PLoS ONE is presented.

PLoS ONE is undoubtedly a bold experiment, and it's good to see it going from strength to strength; whether it can change the way scientific discourse is conducted - opening it up in crucial ways - still remains to be seen. Let's hope so. (Via Open Access News.)

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