10 September 2008

How Healthy are the Views of the BCS?

This morning I was giving a talk at the EFMI (European Federation for Medical Informatics) Special Topic Conference, held at the headquarters of the British Computer Society (BCS). It was interesting – well, for me, at least: I'm not sure what my victims in the audience thought of my usual ramblings on open source and openness...

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Anonymous said...

I see your point but I would counter that the BCS does other things very well noting their recent open paper to government on Data Information Security for example.

Times are changing and sooner or later the BCS will catch up - highlighting where they are failing will certainly assist them and your article should be a valuable sign to the organisation to take heed of community sentiment over vendor relations - especially where security is concerned ;-)

Glyn Moody said...

I agree: I think the BCS is a valuable institution. But that's why I was shocked to see it so retrograde on this matter.