19 September 2008

Cisco Reduces Messaging to Just Jabber

Cisco today announced its intent to acquire privately held Jabber, Inc., a provider of presence and messaging software. Based in Denver, Jabber will work with Cisco to enhance the existing presence and messaging functions of Cisco's Collaboration portfolio.

As several have pointed out, open source doesn't really enter into the equation - or even get a mention in the press release. That's not surprising: Cisco neither gets nor cares about free software. For Cisco, this is just some pretty icing, which it will doubtless distribute freely. Everyone else can now forget about making money in messaging.


Anonymous said...

Jabber, Inc. is a commercial software company. Jabber, Inc. does not develop open source software. Jabber XCP was built from the ground up because the open source servers couldn't scale.

there are still plenty of open source XMPP (Jabber) servers available (Openfire, ejabberd, etc..) Cisco is not ruining open source.

Cisco purchased a standardized platform for presence and messaging.

Glyn Moody said...

I expressed myself badly: I wasn't suggesting Cisco was damaging open source - just that it didn't really care about that aspect.

What I meant was that things have got tougher for other commercial providers of messaging, since Cisco can give it away to drive sales of other stuff.