03 September 2008

US Discovers It's Part of the World

The pollution from Asia will only make it increasingly difficult for the U.S. to meet stricter and stricter air quality standards, said Lyatt Jaegle, a professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle .

"It is only expected to get worse," Jaegle said of the Asian air pollution reaching the U.S. She added that scientists have discovered the problem isn't unique to the Pacific Rim . "Air pollution is not a local or regional problem, it is a global problem."

No, really? (Via Slashdot.)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps their massive wind farms will blow it all back again. p

Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn!

I really like to read your blog, but one thing that bothers me about it are the occasional Environmental posts. I don't see how they are related to open-source/open-content, and they detract from the general quality and on-topicness of this blog.

If you want to blog about the environment, please start a new blog.


-- Shlomi Fish

Glyn Moody said...

Well, the logic goes like this.

Open source is about creating a software commons. Open content, open access, open data do the same. The idea of a commons is actually central to all these opens.

The ultimate in commons is, of course, the environment, made up of specific commons like the atmosphere, water, minerals etc.

So I think that the environment is not just related to open source, but in some sense underpins the whole idea. I also think that openness, in all its forms, feeds into defending that ultimate commons.

As a result, I expect to write increasingly about it....