13 May 2006

The Knaves or the Fools?

Old news, but I've only just caught up with it. According to the EUobserver:

US authorities can get access to EU citizens' data on phone calls, sms' and emails, giving a recent EU data-retention law much wider-reaching consequences than first expected, reports Swedish daily Sydsvenskan.

It is hard to decide whom to despise more: the knaves for having the bare-faced cheek to ask for this information, or the fools for supinely agreeing to give it. And someone has a taste for deep irony:

EU and US representatives met in Vienna for an informal high level meeting on freedom, security and justice where the US expressed interest in the future storage of information.

Make that "lack of freedom, insecurity and injustice". Details of the sordid episode can be found at Statewatch.

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