21 July 2008

Copyright Moves from Reason to Emotion

Interesting discussion of the proposed extension to sound copyright, including the following:

In setting up the rationalist background of his title, Professor Bently noted that the 2004 EC Staff Working Paper, the Gowers Report, and the EC-commissioned IVIR report had all approached the question rationally, with evidence-based and economic reasoning. Each had come out against extension.

Also worth noting is this comment from the other side:

He challenged the economic evidence against extension, relying on counter-examples in a PwC report which had failed to identify any significant pricing difference between copyright and out-of-copyright music. To illustrate this point, he observed that iTunes charge 79p a track regardless of the existence of sound recording protection or lack thereof, and concluded that extending copyright would not act to the disbenefit of consumers.

Not for consumers, maybe, but what about that new group - those who want to *re-use* material? Plenty of disbenefit for them....

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