29 July 2008

India's $10 Laptop


"The government aims to provide 10-dollar laptops to students and research in this direction is on," said D Purandeshwari, Minister of State for Human Resources Development in New Delhi.

Well, at that price, it won't be running Windows - unless Microsoft prices it *negatively*, which it might be driven to.... (Via Valleywag.)

Update: A real bargain: only $10, free misprint included.


Anonymous said...

They are so full of it.

Glyn Moody said...

Er, sorry, who is full of what (a confused blogger writes)?

Anonymous said...


Perhaps it's more of an American expression?

I just think they are all talk. If they make a $10 laptop, it will be years down the road, and after other manufacturers beat them to it. It would be more reasonable if instead of calling it a "$10 laptop", they called it "our own $100 laptop which will one day be a $10 laptop when other manufacturers are there as well."

Glyn Moody said...

I see - thanks.

Well, the important thing is that somebody gets there. Maybe setting long-term goals like this are valuable in this sense.