08 August 2008

Online: Slander or Libel?

A nice outbreak of sanity, here:

A High Court judge ruled this week that defamatory comments on internet forums are more like slander than libel, a judgement that could make success in such cases more difficult. Mr Justice Eady found that posts on internet discussion groups such as website bulletin boards are closer to spoken conversations than to published articles, being casual and characterised by "give and take".

Slander is defamation through speech, while libel is defamation through written means, such as a newspaper article. In the UK, it is significantly easier to win damages for libel than for slander.


Anonymous said...

I found Mr Justice Eady a very nice judge indeed!

See: http://bp3.blogger.com/_t6CGZrhV9yg/SFp9zTXO0yI/AAAAAAAAASk/Yc9lDadXNeY/s1600-h/internet.JPG

Glyn Moody said...

Interesting - thanks.