20 November 2009

Mandelson's Madness

The trajectory of the Digital Economy Bill has been extraordinary, constantly experiencing will-he-won't-he moments as successive consultations and comments and rumours have contradicted each other over whether “three strikes and you're out” would be part of the plan. Today, the Bill is finally published, but that particular element now looks almost mild compared to what is apparently coming...

On Open Enterprise blog.


Unknown said...

Been following your critique on Lord Mandelson's proposed implementation of 1984. Nice job.

Just read this article today

This bit at the end seems relevant to the Digital Britain measures:
Ed Black, chief executive of CCIA. "Unrestricted, the Internet may be mankind's greatest tool ever to promote individual freedom. We ought to do everything we can to protect that possibility -- and if we aren't careful it can become a tool to censor, surveil and manage captive audiences."

Glyn Moody said...

@Balakrishnan: indeed; thanks for the link