15 March 2010

Why I Bother Acting on ACTA

As you may have noticed, I write quite a lot about ACTA. Indeed, I've been doing it for a comparatively long time: my first post on the subject was back in May 2008. So why do I bother?

Well, the fact that two years ago very few had heard of ACTA, whereas today many people know and care about it, is sufficient reason to carry on: it does make a difference, and people are starting to realise how serious this is. Moreover, hints like this suggest that making noise, even in that notorious echo-chamber that is the blogosphere, gets noticed in rarefied and exalted regions of power:

Recent informations have revealed to me that the worldwide anti-ACTA campaign is having an impact on EU officials, a number of which are following closely the highlights of the most well-known blogs and webs. This is a sign of the success of an effective public campaign that has forced the EU out of its bunker and into the open battlefield over the content of this important international agreement.

That's not to say that things are going swimmingly - they're not: the powerful are still powerful and hell-bent on getting their way. But we've come far, and we can go even further if we continue to acta on ACTA....

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