08 September 2010

Is it Time to Take Your (Android) Tablets?

However much I dislike Apple's obsession with control - the very antithesis of openness - I have to admit that its iPad is an important artefact. I think the tablet is on its way to becoming an important adjunct to other kinds of computing - ideal for sofa-top consumption, say. It will also be perfect for many business and industrial uses (I'm sure it won't be long until we see rugged versions of the form factor.)

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PV said...

This isn't exactly about tablets, but on a related note, you know what else is great? Releases of new Android phones generate almost the same amount of buzz and sales as releases of new iPhone models, yet while iPhone models are released every few months, a new Android phone is released almost once a week.
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Glyn Moody said...

PV: good point