24 September 2010

Why is Dell UK Making it so Difficult?

Remember IdeaStorm – “Where Your Ideas Reign” – Dell's brave venture into the scary world of crowdsourcing? Amazingly, it's still going, although it doesn't seem to be the hive of activity it once was. One of the reasons why IdeaStorm was so important was that it allowed people to voice one of their key requests to the company: to be able to buy GNU / Linux-based systems. To its credit, Dell listened, and started selling them.

On The H Open.


PV said...

I'm glad to say that the situation is a little better in the US: the link to "Open-Source PCs" is visible on the "Shop" page (but isn't anywhere on the home page), while the computers themselves can be customized and bought online. That said, the models are separate from their Windows 7 counterparts, unfortunately. This wasn't the case before, either.
a Linux Mint user since 2009 May 1

Glyn Moody said...

@PV: thanks; yes, I knew things were slightly better there. Sadly, seems that France is also Ubuntu-less as far as Dell is concerned...