13 October 2010

Is GCHQ Frighteningly Clueless or Fiendishly Cunning?

I'm very sceptical about the concept of “cyber attacks”. Not that I doubt that computer systems and infrastructure are attacked: it's just their packaging as some super-duper new “threat” that I find suspicious. It smacks of bandwagon-jumping at best, and at worst looks like an attempt by greedy security companies to drum up yet more business.

On Open Enterprise blog.


Anonymous said...

When the cold war ended the UK security services cited Irish republicanism as the reason their resources should not be reduced. After the Good Friday Agreement they began to trot out animal rights activists for the same reason. If the ALF had gone away before the WTC event I can only speculate they would have drawn our attention to the rampant growth in littering. The point is that they will always try to justify the size of their organisation even at times when it simply can't be done.

Glyn Moody said...

@satipera - a natural human instinct, I suppose