22 October 2010

Jamie Love on What EU Must Do About ACTA

Jamie Love has been one of the key people writing about and fighting the worst aspects of ACTA. He's just posed a good question on Twitter:

Why haven't the EU civil society groups done more on patents in ACTA? It is quite possible to get patents out at this point.

He then followed up with this suggestion:

Some type of a focused letter on footnote 2 would be very helpful, right now. This could go either way.
That footnote, by the way, says the following:

For the purpose of this Agreement, Parties agree that patents do not fall within the scope of this Section.

"This section" is Section 2: Civil Enforcement, and so the suggestion seems to be that we push for that footnote to be accepted by all parties. So, what do people think, can we do something along these lines?

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