03 May 2011

The Day I Nearly Dumped Firefox

I remember well the moment when the beta version of Netscape Navigator 0.9 was released in October 1994. It was so clearly superior to the main Mosaic browser I was running at the time, that there was no question about using anything else thereafter.

On Open Enterprise blog.

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twitter said...

Symantic? Good grief, why are you still using Windows? If you must use Windows, it's better as a terminal service that someone else has to take care of or confined to a Virtual Box that can be replaced like any other file. Move your work completely to free software and you won't have to worry about Symantic and other non free brittleness. The sooner you cut your losses, the happier you will be.

Virtual Box is also good for daring and crazy things like testing out unstable gnu/linux distros. That upgrades won't make work impossible or ruin your life might be less exciting but the lack of drama is more than made up for by the ease of exploration, the joy of discovery and accomplishment of actual work.