06 May 2011

Why We Need Firefox

Earlier this week, I reported on my travails with Firefox, and how I teetered on the brink of switching to Google's Chromium. Actually, I wasn't too seriously tempted, and thanks to the kind efforts of Mozilla, the problem has been resolved (see Update at the end of the above post for details.)

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twitter said...

The more of this we see, the more obvious the need for software freedom becomes.

Mozilla's response is commendable but represenative of free software in general. I'm sure the people at KDE or the team behind Midori would have responded in a similar way. As RMS put it the other day, "Software freedom is the only known solution to malicious features." Mozilla, KDE and others can't add these features to their software because the world will fork around them.

Microsoft has no such problems, so Windows users are not out of the woods. DHS can ask Microsoft to remove this program and it won't matter what Mozilla did. People who want to avoid censorship should use gnu/linux instead of Windows and avoid all non free software. Software that has owners is always a bad deal for users.

Glyn Moody said...

@twitter: indeed