15 September 2006

British Academy Gets It On Copyright

The British Academy has traditionally been a rather staid institution, but this press release about a forthcoming report shows that they get all the main points about copyrights and its wrongs:

A report from the British Academy, to be launched on 18 September, expresses fears that the copyright system may in important respects be impeding, rather than stimulating, the production of new ideas and new scholarship in the humanities and social sciences.


The situation is aggravated by the increasingly aggressive defence of copyright by commercial rights holders, and the growing role – most of all in music – of media businesses with no interest in or understanding of the needs of scholarship. It is also aggravated by the unsatisfactory EU Database Directive, which is at once vague and wide-ranging, and by the development of digital rights management systems, which may enable publishers to use technology to circumvent the exceptions to copyright which are contained in current legislation.

Let's hope the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property takes note and gets it too.

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