22 September 2006

Selling, the Open Source Way

In one of my random wanders, I came across this neat encapsulation of a key advantage that open source companies enjoy:

I sat in on a sales visit yesterday, and they were wowed by our demo and presentation. In fact, the results are getting so predictable with prospective customers that it’s almost boring - we show them the stuff, and they show us the money. Before coming to Hyperic, I had never seen sales calls this easy.

It's almost a truism that open source software sells itself; the knock-on consequence is that you don't really need salespeople, which in turn means more money for developers and support.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for your post. I should note that I think sales people are still definitely necessary in an open source world. I think having open source software makes their jobs much easier. By the time we showed up at that sales visit last week, the prospective customer had already test deployed Hyperic HQ for over a month. We didn't have to waste any time explaining who we are or what we do.

So open source doesn't obviate sales people, it just means you don't need quite as many, and they can be more efficient.

-John Mark
Hyperic Blog
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Glyn Moody said...

You're right, I was being slightly provocative....

But I think it's nonetheless interesting that the role of the salesperson is very different in the open source world.