29 October 2006

Larry's Unbreakable Kite

What do you want if you are worth $18 billion and have the third-largest motor yacht in the world? Simple: revenge.

Oracle's Unbreakable Linux is about revenge - for the fact that Red Hat dared to snatch JBoss from under Larry Ellison's nose. It's a warning that you don't mess with lovely Larry. It's also a bit of kite-flying: maybe offering support for Red Hat is a viable business, though I can't see it myself. In any case, even if Unbreakable fails as a service, it's already succeeded as a punishment.

Update: Ha!


Anonymous said...

Me, I'm moving to Solaris. More stable, less religious, and you know, it just doesn't suck any more.

Glyn Moody said...

Yes, Solaris does seem to be undergoing something of a renaissance. And competition is good....