27 March 2007

Zimbra's World Wide Desktop

Zimbra is part of a new generation of open source enterprise apps that are really starting to be taken seriously by companies. The original Zimbra is basically an Ajax-based Web client, but now Zimbra has come out with Zimbra Desktop, that lets you work collaboratively even offline.

I predict this is going to become the next big thing with the current collection of web apps. The only problem is that there's going to be lots of duplication, as each desktop sets up its own offline Web server on the user's computer. So how about if all the open source companies got together and standardised on a single piece of code that all their apps could use?


Nathaniel Eliot said...

Another great tool . . . thanks!

Anonymous said...

Firefox 3?

Glyn Moody said...

Yes, that would be an optimal solution, wouldn't it...?