16 October 2007

Apache and the Art of the Press Release

Here's some interesting commentary on my recent post about Apache's declining market share in the Netcraft survey:

The Netcraft numbers are changing for one reason and one reason only: because a very large and powerful entity is doing whatever they can to change those numbers, even if it means creating millions of bogus sites. Even if it means paying registrars large sums of cash to move their parked domains over to IIS. Anything. It is of prime importance for them to be able to "beat" Apache, and we are seeing the result. People aren't switching to IIS. Companies aren't switching to IIS. Hosts aren't switching to IIS. At least not for technical reasons. MS needs this marketing success. It needs to "prove" that IIS is beating Apache and, by logical conclusion, MS is better than Open Source. Can't we all already predict what the press release will say? So with something so important on the line, and with a survey that can now be easily fudged, the battle call is "Change Netcraft!"

Of course, the graph itself makes it clear that on a certain day Microsoft decided: we will overtake Apache, cost what it may. But my point stands: whatever dirty tricks Microsoft may use to achieve that goal, it doesn't matter - it's too late.

The same post also links to this alternative web survey, by Security Space, where Apache still dominates utterly.

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