17 October 2007

Apple Supports ODF

At last:

OpenDocument and Word 2007 Formats

Take advantage of TextEdit support for the Word 2007 and OpenDocument formats for reading and writing.

OK, so maybe not huge news in itself, but further evidence that the barriers to ODF are gradually falling. (Via Erwin Tenhumberg.)


Anonymous said...

Considering that iWorks is a non issue in the word processing field, file this under who cares.

Now if Apple was to support/use an open standard or format in one of its core projects like lets say .ogg files, then Id be impressed.

Apple does lock-in as well as anyone else. Actually, better than anyone else. They are just intelligent enough to not be as strident in lesser fields when it is to their advantage.

Glyn Moody said...

As I said, not huge news, but useful to add to the list of ODF supporters.