18 January 2008

The Google Generation Don't Respect Copyright

This interesting report from the British Libary and JISC says that the "Google generation" - those born after 1993 - aren't so hot when it comes to Googling. But what really caught my eye was the following:

Findings from Ofcom surveys reveal that both adults and children (aged 12-15) have very high levels of awareness and understanding of the basic principles of intellectual property. However, young people feel that copyright regimes are unfair and unjust and a big age gap is opening up. The implications for libraries and for the information industry of a collapse of respect for copyright is potentially very serious.

Oh yes, indeedy.


Anonymous said...

Well, the slant on this article is predictable..."lack of respect for copyright" indeed.

I respect the basic idea of copyright, but I despise the draconian, time-and-time again extension of copyright.

Glyn Moody said...

Perhaps the only reason I respect it is that the GNU GPL depends on it; aside from that, I can't see much use for it - and I speak as a published author....