27 December 2008

Go China?

There's nothing like a mature, balanced view of the world:

2009, Go China!

Lead: Snowstorm, freely falling down to earth, like western values
Lead: Despair fills the sky, ice covers the earth

Lead: Did China retreat?
All: No. The Olympics were a success! We are victorious!
Lead: Hot blood and iron will of Chinese people, lighten up the dark world like burning the holy flame
All: The rivers and mountains, ever more colorful and beautiful

Lead: Earthquakes, shifting back and forth like the positions of Sarkozy, with his dirty tricks, trying to shake the great China
Lead: Did China retreat?
All: No. The Shenzhou-7 launched. We are victorious!
Lead: Pathetic Europe will never stop the insurmountable force of our great dynasty
All: Just the aftershocks from the earthquake would destroy France!

But wait - there's more.....


Anonymous said...

Step ruthlessly over all anti-China forces.
Like Tibet?

I get the feeling that once these kids grow up and go to work 10-12 hours a day, much of this nationalism erodes under the desperation. They got capitalism, but for all but the wealthy, capitalism is a lot of work for the rest of us.

Dr. Roy Schestowitz said...

So it's kinda like the US, but it's "them", not "us" (or "US").

So when does the Republic of the People buy GM and Citigroup?

Glyn Moody said...

@Zaine: I'm sure Tibet is high on the list - after those pesky Europeans....

The danger is their desperation will exacerbate their nationalism: it's always helpful to be able to blame someone else for your problems.

Glyn Moody said...

@Roy: certainly, it seems to be importing many of the worst aspects - materialism, environmental degradation.

As for China buying stuff, that's bound to happen, since it's got most of the non-negative money in the world....

Anonymous said...

Hmm yes, so glad US children aren't thusly indoctrinated.

Glyn Moody said...

Indeed: thank goodness I'm just a cynical Brit, who has never pledged allegiance to anything....