04 February 2009

Syria and Lebanon Go Open Source

Here's a useful post on what's happening with regards to open source in the Middle East:

A good news for the open source scene. Two great events are running -or going to run- this month in the Arab region. The first one it’s called the iFoss09 and it’s currently going on in Damascus, Syria at the SCS Center, Tishreen Park in Omaween Square.


As for neighbouring Lebanon, Beirut is going to host Open Sesame, the first ever Arab barcamp on feb. 28th (the place is still in discussion but most probably will the very cool Rootspace of Dave Munir Nabti).

(Note to self: must learn Arabic.)


Glenn McKnight Background said...

I attended the first event put on by NOSSTIA in Damascus and Aleppo, Syria

The lead speaker was Dr.Stallman, his speech and costumes are a story worth retelling over a pint or too.

Interesting I held some Linux Exam labs and 50% of the classes were women. This is in stark contrast to the American examlabs were were normally were devoid of female System Admins.

Glyn Moody said...

Fascinating stuff - thanks.