06 May 2009

ID Cards Get Idiotically Insecure

Remember how those magic ID cards would provide strong forms of identity, thus protecting us against terrorists, people traffickers et al.? Well, those plans have been watered-down, somewhat:

High street chemists, post offices and photo shops are to be used to record the electronic fingerprints and other biometric data needed for the national identity card scheme, the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, is to announce today.

The decision to use high street shops sidesteps the need for the Home Office to set up a network of enrolment centres with mobile units to operate in rural areas.

Well, yes, it will save money, but it will also blast security holes through the entire scheme. Without rigorous oversight, it will be much easier to create fake ID cards - just what all those nasty terrorists, people traffickers and other ne'er-do-wells need. Which goes to show that the government isn't interested in increasing our security, just in gaining even greater control over us - and security go hang.


Roger Lancefield said...

Hear hear. Well said sir.

grumpoddity said...

I have managed for years to keep my anonymity online, more or less. Out in the big wide world, I have managed to get by with the minimum amount of fuss: never been arrested, never been fingerprinted, never had my DNA absorbed into any kind of database, never had any biometric information held on me for any reason at all. That might all change when I have to get a new passport though.

Seems to me that time is running out for people like me. Still got about five years on my current passport though. Enough time to emigrate I should think.

Glyn Moody said...

@grumpoddity: I suspect many people are making the same calculations and plans as yourself.