05 August 2009

Opencast Matterhorn

Daft name, great idea:

As a growing number of worldwide learners log on, free of charge, to video and podcast lectures and events at the University of California, Berkeley, the campus is leading an international effort to build a communal Webcasting platform to more easily record and distribute its popular educational content.

Dubbed "Opencast Matterhorn" and funded with grants from the Andrew W. Mellon and William and Flora Hewlett foundations totaling $1.5 million, the project will bring together programmers and educational technology experts from an international consortium of higher education institutions, including ETH Zürich in Switzerland, University of Osnabrück in Germany, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and Canada's University of Saskatchewan.


The software will support the scheduling, capture, encoding and delivery of educational content to video-and-audio sharing sites such as YouTube and iTunes, so that learners can access lectures when and where they need it. With additional funding, expertise and labor from other members of the consortium, the Opencast Matterhorn platform is scheduled to be up and running by summer 2010.

They've got a new word for it (well, new to me):

Coursecasting is a growing trend in educational technology, enabling students and the general public to download audio and video recordings of class lectures to their computers and portable media devices.

Daft names aside, it's great to see institutions working together on a common platform like this; it should give a real boost to opencourseware - and may be even coursecasting. (Via Open Education News.)

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Olaf A. Schulte said...

What's the daft name? Coursecasting? Opencast? Matterhorn?

Glyn Moody said...

Coursecasting: sounds like something out of angling...