02 July 2007

I Fear the Geeks Bearing "Lughenjo"

If you've been holding your breath while waiting to discover what The Economist's super-duper, top-secret, Web 2.0-y, skunkworks Project Red Stripe turned out to be, you may now exhale:

We are developing a web service that harnesses the collective intelligence of The Economist Group’s community, enabling them to contribute their skills and knowledge to international and local development organisations. These business minds will help find solutions to the world’s most important development problems.

It will be a global platform that helps to offset the brain drain, by making expertise flow back into the developing world.

Oh, right.

Well, at least those geeky Economist types have come up with an interesting code-name:

We’ve codenamed the service “Lughenjo”, an Tuvetan word meaning gift.

Amazingly, neither Wikipedia nor Ethnologue, the definitive source of information about languages, knows anything about Tuvetan, but Webster's does. Anyone with more info?

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