23 July 2007

Open Source Food

Programs are sets of instructions - rather like recipes. So if you can have open source code, why not open source food:

Open Source Food came to fruition because me and my father wanted to create a place for people like us. We’re not professional cooks, we just love food. We want to share, learn and improve ourselves with the help of like-minded food lovers. Open Source Food is a platform for that.

Truly right-on, not only does it adopt CC licences for the content, it warns:

Please be aware that in legal terms, recipes count as a method or technique and therefore cannot technically be copyrighted.

Mind you, that hasn't stopped some sad individuals from trying. (Via eHub.)


Anonymous said...


I like this trend of applying the "Open Source" concept to non-software goods, so I am maintaining a list of these:

Open Source World

Note: I am not being too strict with validating that they are in compliance with the OSD, since this is meant to be a fun list.


Glyn Moody said...

Great idea - thanks for the link.