13 July 2007

IBM Opens Up AIX....Well, the Beta

What does AIX say to you? Correct: big, old, proprietary. And yet:

Openness, such as compliance with open standards, has always been an integral part of the AIX operating system (OS). The next release of AIX, Version 6.1, extends this openness to the product release process with the first ever AIX open beta. The open beta will allow a broad set of IBM clients to download and gain experience with AIX 6 before it becomes generally available.

An "open" beta for the next AIX release differs from the traditional beta in three key areas:

* Almost anyone who is interested will be able to download and install a pre-release version of AIX 6. By contrast, only a few clients would have the opportunity to test a new AIX release in a traditional beta.
* Participants in the open beta will not receive traditional support from IBM. Instead, you access a Web forum to discuss questions and issues.
* The only legal document required for participation in the open beta is a "click to accept" license agreement that clearly states all program conditions.

Well, I suppose that's progress. (Via The Inquirer.)

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