28 November 2008

I, For One, Do *Not* Welcome Our ZANU-Labour Overlords

Sally Murrer has been a local journalist for 33 years, and for the past 20 she has juggled her work with being a parent.

A single mother, with three children - one of whom is autistic - she works part-time on the Milton Keynes Citizen, a bi-weekly newspaper.

In May 2007 her cosy, little world suddenly imploded when she received a visit from officers working on Operation Plaid.

"I was arrested, strip-searched and held in custody for 30 hours and because I had just moved and didn't have a telephone at the house, I couldn't contact my children or tell them what was going on," she recalls.

The fact that all that happened in connection with leaks of *true* information that were embarrassing to the Government, rather like this case, is, of course, entirely coincidental.

Interesting, too, that this journalist was threatened with "jail for life" for said heinous crime of revealing the truth. Meanwhile, certain politicians can invade a country for spurious reasons (weapons of mass destruction, anyone?), against the will of the vast majority of the electorate, and be jointly responsible for the deaths of half a million people, and receive...obscenely well-paid speaking engagements.

It's a funny old world, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Almost unbelievable and definitely scary.

Glyn Moody said...

I would literally not have believed this possible a few years ago; sadly, it's all-too possible to believe today. Have we sunk so far, so fast?

Anonymous said...

The really sad part is that I am no longer amazed at what is happening in this country. The 'chill' effect of these stories is to scare people from becoming involved in making this type of information public ... which is exactly what needs to happen to this information.

Glyn Moody said...