17 November 2008

Gartner's FUD

Good news:

New research has highlighted quite how pervasive open source software (OSS) has become, with 85 per cent of companies currently using OSS and the remaining 15 per cent expecting to in the next 12 months.

The findings come from a Gartner survey in May and June 2008, which covered 274 end-user organisations in Asia/Pacific, Europe and North America, and raise a series of management issues for businesses.

But wait, trust Gartner to find a cloud in every silver lining for open source....

On Open Enterprise blog.


Dr. Roy Schestowitz said...

The Gartner Shill is baiting the world with attractive headlines and a mouthful of poison.

Another one to the 'portfolio'

Glyn Moody said...

Indeed. You think they might have seen the writing on the wall after all these years.... Irony? They name is Gartner.