03 November 2008

Whatever Happened to La Liberté?

What on earth have the French got against the Internet? First the "three strikes and you're out", and now this:

The Soviet Internet where all software that runs on the internet needs to be certified by the State has arrived in France. The rapporteur over the law Hadopi (Internet and Creations) in the French Senate, Mr Tholliere (UMP, same party as Sarkozy), is proposing that all software running on the internet should have a stamp from the State in order to be legal.

I blame that Sarko, myself.


johndrinkwater said...

Whatever does ‘software running on the Internet’ mean I wonder…

They would have to certify the LAMP stack?
Certify Cisco routers?

Maybe even select IM clients like Pidgin?
And on the Web, does this mean we can hope for the ‘Open’ web to arrive, where the only plug-ins stamped for use would be Flash and Java?

How bizarre.

(Did I miss you plugging your talk at Open Everything on Thursday?)

Glyn Moody said...

And I thought the French prized logic....

(Talk, what talk....?)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's not that surprising if you consider that that the French have the naive belief that they can dictate the content of their language through the académie française.

Glyn Moody said...