20 November 2008

"Open University" Becomes "Closed University"

Now that Microsoft has finished taking over the BBC, it seems it's moving on to new prey:

The Open University has appointed a Microsoft boss to be its fifth vice-chancellor.

Martin Bean is currently general manager of product management, marketing and business development for Microsoft's worldwide education products group.

He should feel right at home:

The Open University has breached its founding principles by supporting Microsoft software and should make amends by helping its students switch to free software, said the UK's Open Source Consortium in a letter last month. Last week, the OU replied: yeah but, no but, no.

Of course, the first thing Mr Bean will have to do is change the name: we can't have any of that stinky "openness" around, can we?


Anonymous said...

Culture clash?



Glyn Moody said...

nice - thanks.