07 November 2008

Russia and Cuba Unite Against Microsoft

Recently, Russia announced that it was pushing Microsoft out of its schools in favour of open source. Now, it's going even further by joining with Cuba to write free software that can be used instead of Microsoft's products in other areas:

Россия и Куба договорились о сотрудничестве в области информационных технологий, причем одним из его аспектов станет совместная работа по развитию свободного ПО. Отказ от продукции Microsoft — одно из направлений ИТ-политики Острова Свободы.

В каких конкретно проектах найдут выражение намерения сторон, пока не определено, прокомментировали CNews его подписание в Минкомсвязи, но эксперты полагают, что этот пункт соглашения имеет серьезную политическую подоплеку.

[Via Google Translate: Russia and Cuba have agreed on cooperation in information technology, with one of its aspects will work together to develop free software. Waiver of products Microsoft - one of the areas of IT policy Islands Liberty.

One of the priority items of joint work will also introduce free software in government and fiscal institutions. In what specific projects will express intent of the parties, has not yet been identified, commented CNews his signature in Minkomsvyazi, but experts believe that the paragraph agreement has serious political overtones.]

Why the move? According to the same article:

Так, генеральный директор компании ALT Linux Алексей Смирнов отметил, что распространение свободного ПО как на Кубе, так и в России, является стратегическим приоритетом, связанным с обеспечением суверенитета стран, поэтому стороны «легко нашли общий язык».

[Via Google Translate: For example, the CEO of ALT Linux Alexei Smirnov said that the distribution of free software as in Cuba, and Russia is a strategic priority related to the sovereignty of countries, so part of «easy to find a common language».]

If that's the case, we may be seeing much more free software coming out of Russia and its friends.


Anonymous said...

This is great ;)

Glyn Moody said...

And a pretty interesting move: it will be interesting to see who else joins in....

Anonymous said...

OMG and this is supposed to be a "good thing", sure russia and cuba, socialist/communist regemes, uses assinations, fear and extortion, and are very against the American way of life,

but becuase they are using linux, and supposedly again Microsoft, you know that company that employes thousands of Americans and western people all over the world.

that makes this kind of thing good.

So you would not mind if Linux was used in russian cruse missiles pointed at the US, as long as they accepted the GPLv2. ??

you guys are a freaking joke,

Glyn Moody said...

You're absolutely right: torture, imprisonment without trial, illegal "disappearances" and a cynical disregard for international norms like the Geneva Convention are completely unacceptable, whatever the operating system.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Anonymous and Defender of the American way of Life...

Would you rather that the Russians and Cubans use Windows to point their missiles at the Western World?

Buddy, competition is coming from all over the place - get used to it.


Anonymous said...

I guess you mean the American way of life, such as Guantanamo Bay and what happens there. Oh, wait that's in Cuba. But how can that be? How Can the USA who has an economic embargo on Cuba lease from said. Torture? Geneva Convention violations? The American way?
BTW, I'm glad to see some nations have the balls to stand up and say no more Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

Actual Russia (not soviet union) is not communist, it's a fascist and authoritarian regime.

That said for those who wonder if an FOSS operating system can be use to do evil, it is ok to mount lasers on sharks heads

Glyn Moody said...

Yes,thanks for the shark link.

Anonymous said...

it is ok to do evil with linux, Linus said it is ok


Anonymous said...

Linus wasn't saying that it's OK to do evil with Linux, he was just saying that politics should be handled politically and the open source licenses should only be about insuring the modified code is available for further modifications.

The desire of Russia and Cuba to stop using proprietary code is not really all that different than the desire of the US to stop using foreign oil.

Unknown said...

What about Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse. Do they use Linux or Windows at those places?

Glyn Moody said...

I wonder whether someone could make a FOI request about this...?

Anonymous said...

Using Windows is certainly torture in itself.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to die from a device running Linux. Be it missiles or sharks with lasers. :)

Anonymous said...

Ironically USA which is the main world-wide aggressor and wages wars around the world(Afghanistan, Iraq, next comes Iran, Venezuela and Pakistan) and "privatizes" their resources is considered by its citizens a 'democracy'.
So you brainwashed US bush-nazies first learn how your country abuses the world and stop living at the world's expense like parasites. What happened to your Kennedies and other presidents? They've been freely shot in a free country.

TaZMAn said...

Why is it that we judge an operating system on what countries use it?

For your information, Linux (Unix) systems have been used on U.S. subs for many years. It is used for navigation, stabilization, missile and weapons control.
And Why do they use it?
Secure and stable. And they can add their secret goodies in the kernel. Something you can't do with Windows.

Also you talk about torture and people disappearing mysteriously?
You wouldn't happen to be talking about the U.S. Government would you?


Open source transcends country boundaries and prejudices.
It's not about black and white, communist and democracy, he said - she said.
It's about working together to create a system that works and benefits humanity.

And many other countries and even some states are dumping Windows in favor of open source.
It's cheaper, allows more freedoms and isn't in constant jeopardy of being infected with viruses.


Anonymous said...

Operating systems are just a tool, and most tools can be used for either good or evil. A tool itself can only be said to be useful or not for a given purpose.

Unknown said...

I think that 3rd world countries just trying to cut down the licensing cost. It is just cheaper to hire a Cuban or Russian programmer and to pay him $500 per month instead of $500 per day.

Open-source platforms may be beneficial for proprietary development. However, IMHO it cannot compete with commercial products from Microsoft. 85% of the messaging solutions are Exchange systems.

UNIX can be more reliable because of its 50 years history. NT is roughly 15 years old.

I agree with statements that OS is just a tool. However, I will let myself disagree with claiming LINUX to be an evil military system. Both platforms are actively being used in military of different countries. Just Linux is a better embedded platform for headless devices.

Regards to all.

Alex, MCSE.