01 August 2006

Lies, Damned Lies and Baltimore Sun Op-Eds

This op-ed on net neutrality in the Baltimore Sun is extraordinary:

The "neutral" proposal that companies like Google are touting will ensure that they never have to pay a dime no matter how much bandwidth they use, and consumers who may only use their computers to send e-mail and play Solitaire get to foot the bill.

Er, that is, companies like Google never have to pay a dime apart from the millions of dollars in connection fees that they cough up each year? Well, that's an interesting use of the word "never", as in "always".

I'd like to put this statement down to sheer stupidity, but, alas, I fear that it may be due to the fact that the authors are co-chairs of the "Hands Off the Internet" pressure group, which, by an amazing coincidence just happens to be funded by the big telco companies who are trying to kill net neutrality.

Pathetic. (Via TechDirt.)

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