07 December 2006

Solaris Lives - Live

I've been slightly unkind to OpenSolaris in these parts. This was particularly reprehensible since I've never tried it (but why let the facts get in the way of some good bigotry?). Truth to tell, I've not really relished the prospect of grappling with its installation. Now I don't have to.

The greatest thing since the proverbial sliced bread - the live CD - has come to OpenSolaris. Significantly, this Solaris live CD, which is called BeleniX, hails from Bangalore - surely a sign of things to come. I'm off to download it to give it a whirl.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. Do check out the usb version of BeleniX. It is much faster. And you can write back to the usb storage in case you have more space.

Glyn Moody said...

Thanks for the tip.